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November 18, 2006

Where the Angels Fear to Tread (Heart of Darkness)

This is so much more than just me. It's so much more than just you. Greater than emotions. I only want to exhale, but you leave me so breathless; I can't inhale in the first place.
I felt your fear in the passion of your desire, the heat of our embrace, the depth of our kiss. My pain and your fear became as one, and the Angels hearkened.
Here on this Earth we live in a world of deception, as we've fallen greatly from grace. Image is everything, taste is nothing, desires are instantly gratified, and we spontaneously combust.

Must've got me too hot, and burned off my wings? I think not.

The culmination of my years on this planet, combined with your presence, manifested the wings with which I'm now permanently scarred. Sign your name across my heart, miracles need wings to fly...for those who chose to see my true Angelic ways and the unseen wings across my back, turn away, and deny.

Of all my paragraphs and parables, and all the parallels between us and among us; the words about you drift down from the heavens. I'm merely a conduit between the skies, the most high, my mind, my hands, the keyboard, the pen, the paper, the mic, the speaker.
All I have is this English to convey what God wanted me to say, but didn't give us the keys to unlock the mysteries. The Sanskrit, Hieroglyphics, Arabi, and the languages of the lost tribes float in and out of my consciousness; yet I struggle to retrieve them here and now.
But we're alone now, and I'm writing these words for you. You taught me precious secrets, a true love, withholding nothing. My time is limited...hard knocks too. When we've both loved so hard for the wrong reasons, and been so torn, shredded, dismembered, and nearly destroyed by love; how hard is it to fall hard, and truly take a leap of faith?
I've been known to do the impossible. And tell it like it is. I only ask one thing of you, and one thing only. Don't open the doors to heaven, if you won't let me in. Please don't touch me...if you don't love me...don't do it, sweetheart.
All those precious moments, when we found love on a two way street, the love we had stays on my mind; and I'm constantly elevated by the memories of your lips against mine. I'm refined by the heat of your touch, Black steel in the hour of chaos, the eloquence of my softness in your hands.
I implore you not to let me be lonely, let's not lose this on a lonely highway. I'm just that killer ride or die chick in the body of a girl from L.A., they used to call me Hawah but they blamed me for a snake being a snake, a man being a man, and the apple that fell far from the tree.

I cook, I clean, I rock, I write, I roll, I sew, I reap, and I sow.
Let a woman be a woman, and a man be a man. I don't care how you get here...just get here if you can. The greatest moments in this life are those which occur by divine right, the lesser ones are those we plot and plan.

Don't let my sunshine fade away. It's just like heaven, being here with you. I'll fly away, one of these days, and I hate to fly alone even in friendly skies.

But now, I have to give this up, this is no way for us to communicate. You can't really read this, or hear me when I speak.

There's only one way between us, the smoothest operation, for you to hold me in your arms, and stare into my eyes.

Mind detect mind. Magnetic connection, one Love, Allah's refection.


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