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March 21, 2005

Their Soullessness

I look in your eyes, and I see the beauty. How could anyone do anything negative to you? They see that beauty and they say, hmmm…what can I do to bring negativity?

Never thought of my self / As spiritual / Until I met a man / Without a soul / Til that day / I didn’t know / Floating on my clouds / Playing my heavenly role / Today it ain’t no mystery / I recognize the God in me / Appreciate my energy / Long for our synergy / To be your symmetry / That one day / My soul just opened up / Like petals on a flower / The truth that holds the power / Right before dawn / Is the darkest hour / Even today / Sometimes they float by me / In my dreams / Things are not as they seem / My mind fills with the silence / Of their screams / And I awaken, shaken / So cold it seems / Until I open my eyes / To the sunbeams / And your warm caress / And your tenderness / Erases the marks / Of their soullessness /

You see I never / Though of my self / As spiritual / Until I saw a man / Without a soul / All those emotionless faces / No friends / Just high places / Sick from too much money / Devoid and racist / I seen a sea of empty faces / Eyes without a soul / Eyes without pain / Dark clouds inescapable / Incapable of releasing their rain /

I was just looking out / For one of a like mind / When I stopped looking / You were easy to find / My eyes touched yours / In another place / A deep soul and mine / Intertwined / My completeness of spirit / A new world born to me / Completely divine / Oh, how refined / Solid as rock / Yet sweet as honey / Finally brought to fruition / Everything my minds eye / Said I would see / Finally the proof / Of my intuition / Inescapably / Now my spirits fly free / Only if I look closely / Can I still see / Those without a soul / But now they can’t see me / You see, they can’t see me…

Wake up baby…talk to me…open your eyes…I’m here now


(U know who U are)


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